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Manage Your Dog's Health With Confidence
Plan, Track and Organize all
of your Dogs Health Data.

Kira is an application that allow pet onwers take control of their dog’s health information and take it with them on the go wherever life’s journey leads (no more paper,records). Registered users can plan healthy activities (e.g. dog walks, play dates), schedule reminders for vaccinations, medications and store all of their dog’s health information in their very otewn doggy cloud.

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Powerful features. Simple design.

  • Daily Planner

    Our planner feature is perfect for keeping your dog’s life on track.
  • Share & Delegate

    Share your pet’s details with family, friends, walkers and sitters - everyone on the same page.
  • Upload files

    Attach almost any type of file to your tasks and view them from any device.
  • Sync Across Devices

    Your tasks and stored information are always there with you, anytime, on every device.
  • Comments

    Add comments and get updates, all in one place, synced everywhere.
  • Notes

    Add notes to your tasks to be more efficient and share pertinent details with caregivers.
  • Reminder

    Add reminders and get notified at the right time or place. You won't forget another vaccination or play date.
  • Notifications

    With the new notification center you'll easily stay updated and on track with your dog's health.
  • Food Tracker

    Track your dog's meal portions and frequency to maintain a healthy weight and keep quick details to share with dog sitters.